In this project the proposed work consisted in selecting an existing brand in the market and creating a product that did not belong to the brand but through language that would fit in. In this case I chose the Tupperware Brand.

Product Design




After an intensive study about the brand and their products, I concluded there existe a very strong language and I also proved the strategy of selling a product influenced a lot the way of people thinking on it, the same happens with the gadgets, and Tupperware has always had a certain sensibility in creating new ways to present the value of your brand to housewifes.

With the new trend of taking selfies I decided to design a camera, and obviously a modular one. Starting then I did an intensive research about textures, materials, colours, shapes, characteristics that are present on this moodboard.


The new modular camera Tupperware aims to challenge all who enjoy photography in a fun and innovative way. The fact that it is water resistant and easy to clean, makes it perfect for your kitchen as well for any other environment.

The modular feature lets you use it in different ways, possibly putting the lens in place and control it from another via the touch screen. You can also register their time printing your photos instantly.

You just found your new company to the next Tupperware Party.

Water resistant materials

LED status indicator for battery

Last photo print button