Pedra Sobre Pedra

This project was developed under a project organized by Axtur, where the aim was to create a piece related to one of the Portuguese schist villages — Cerdeira — in order to generate tourism. 

The final piece assured presence in Eunique Exhibition in May 2015 on Germany.

Craft Design


Hugo Cardoso
João Cruz


“Here lies the tranquility! Browsing the village is a physical and sensory exercise. At each step there is an alcove, an alley, an element that is not known whether there was placed by man or by nature. There is no dissonance. There is the sound of tranquility."


Gastronomy is the aggregator subject of material and immaterial culture, generating rich and complex relationships in the sustainable transformation of natural resources, as the highest representation of the culture of know- how. From the intertwined dance of the mountains in the landscape to the accommodated roofs on the slopes of Cerdeira, from the magnificent schist walls to the structure of this magmatic rock formed by the compression of thin layers of clays; a word that is almost a gesture came, a way of doing, “stacking“, as if stacking objects, in a playful , experimental or constructive way because stack is inherently human.

Based on this our part used funds from local materials such as wood, dark clay, porcelain and shale but worked by the best craftsmen in the area. Because the idea was to create a piece of Craft Design in order to raise the Schist Villages and the man is dedicated to agriculture.