mishmash Pen Case

This product was designed in partnership with mishmash, a minimalist office supplies brand. The goal was to design a minimalist pen case for pen lovers to be carried anywhere, so they can keep the most important tools close.

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Product featured at Minimalissimo magazine.

Product Design




“ mishmash is a minimalist office supplies brand that aims to break through the mind of every design enthusiast by presenting a bunch of disruptive products. mishmash aims to fill a gap in a stagnant market by triggering the creativity in every mind. ”
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Triangular leather pen case

I have been supporting the product design development since the beginning, in terms of product design. This was the first product that result from the consultancy: Triangular leather pen case

Designed for the ones that like to keep the favourite pens always close, this minimalist case is easy to carry anywhere. Easy to open and close, it prevents you from trying to fit everything inside making it easy to store and organise. By having this white leather case you will protect your pens.

“ It’s an outstanding design piece that goes far beyond than a simple pen case.”
Luís Caixinhas, Patent Attorney

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