Evolution Chair

from Mindshake powered by Munna

The purpose of this project is to understand how an object influence or encourage our creative thinking. Design Thinking and Product Design skills were worked on in parallel throughout the internship at Mindshake, resulting in the Evolution Chair, a partnership between Mindshake and Munna.

Design Thinking
Product Design


This project was developed in the scope of my master thesis, is also based on the curricular internship at Mindshake. For this company creativity is not limited to being a simple switch, which turns on or off. It is a way of seeing, engaging and responding to the needs of the world that revolves around us, redesigning it. 
Design Thinking, through a holistic vision, allows us to more easily reach experimentation and different opportunities and solutions. For this reason, the project proposal it’s based on the Evolution 6² model, applied until today only in service development projects, training and coaching actions. It is, therefore, the first time the model is applied in product development analysis. 

I was allowed to explore the problem of this report, realizing how we relate to objects and how they stimulate our creative thinking. Themes such as creativity and emotional design contributed to the deepening knowledge and to the diversification and scientific justification of this work. 
The main objective of this work was to understand the E.6² model and the development of a taxonomy that analyzes how an object stimulates creative thinking
Both analyzes were applied to the development of the Evolution Chair, which according to the results obtained encourages and provokes a different thinking and questions stereotypes behaviors, thus being considered a playable object, because it encourages fun and interaction, but also allows us to create visual and functional variants due to its pleasant aesthetics. 

Creative Thinking 
Emotional Design 
Design Thinking 
Product Design 
Playable Object 
Evolution 6² model

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The Mindshake Design Thinking Model Evolution 6², was developed by Katja Tschimmel between 2012 and 2015, the year in which the final version was registered with Creative Commons sa-by. The model is used in the development of projects, workshops, coaching sessions, investigative projects, methodology lessons, among others.

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Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 CC BY-SA


formulation of the intention to innovate, based on the identification of opportunities

Mindshake intended to partner with Munna to create the Evolution Chair. 
Originally thought for a concrete space at Mindshake House (in Porto). The Evolution Chair should give the user several ways of sitting comfortably, creating a stimulus for both positive and negative emotions, challenging a more fluid and creative thinking because of its inherent characteristics.


visualisation of trends and insights through chosen images


The main inspiration for this project came from Munari's experience with the armchair, which led me to reflect on different ways of sitting and the comfort this type of objects could provide to different people.

So I decided to take inspiration from a number of other things like nests, bubbles and spaces that were individualistic and that allowed to read, reflect, meditate, work, this means activities that required solitude for a higher level of concentration. But at the same time, I began to look for ways to sit in common spaces that allowed not only to be in community but also to create social relationships.


visualising an emotional ambience

E2_ moodboard_mindshakechairE2_ moodboard_mindshakechair




generating ideas in group & organising first ideas to generate more ideas for each category

Brainstorming encourages the fluidity of ideas, where quantity favours quality, because only from a great amount of possibilities and alternatives can come ideas with potential for innovation. There are two types of brainstorming: brainwriting (where each person writes the ideas on post-its) and brainsketching (where each individual draws the ideas on post-its). Brainstorming promotes collaboration, helps systematize ideas, brings new ideas and reveals new concepts, and for all these reasons we decided to do a brainstorming session.


explanation and contextualization of the concept through product design values

Munna (luxury furniture) and Mindshake (training in creative thinking). Since Munna is the reflection of the past, it uses modernism to justify that the ornaments have to be dosed and that for this it is necessary to remove that excess, and at the same time it intends to "educate" the users in defiance of the rules of the past, but Leaving a touch of cultural heritage. Mindshake is an obvious reflection of the present, believing that all human beings are creative, and that this ability can be developed and improved. Contemporariness and emotion are the key words. In this case it is not intended to educate the user, but to focus on it for its development, because the object must respond to the needs of the same and to some extent to identify with its personality.


working on material
and semantic solutions


visualising concepts by sketches to show their viability


materialising final ideas with low fidelity


communicating the new concept and solutions


explaining the solution by enabling material interaction in the real context



implementing, observing, improving, growing


analyse quantitative and qualitative feedback about the implemented solution

Evolution Chair which according to the obtained results encourages and provokes a different thinking and questions stereotypes behaviors, being thus considered a playable object, because it encourages interaction, as well as allows to create visual and functional variants due to its pleasant aesthetics.

In this way a balance was created between modernism and contemporaneity in order to arouse emotions and pleasures that stimulate creative thinking, making this object an object of desire. It can also be said that the Evolution Chair is a comfortable chair that generates good mood, arouses curiosity and helps to relax, fulfilling the pre-established requirements to be considered a playful, stimulating, interactive object that allows different variants.

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