The Briefing for this procedure called for the creation of a new and distinctive line of shoes for a specific target audience and with a very own fashion, but that is becoming a trend worldwide.

2nd Prize Design Competition Berg Outdoor - "Outdoor Woman Fashion Footwear".

Design Competition




After doing an analysis of what existed in the market, set to create a stylish new line, but at the same time was adapted to everyday use, ie to o er the casual and comfort shoes that some do not. I decided to focus on me and espadrilles suede shoes as influences and adapt them to the casual and trendy allies to comfort, elegance and youth, for it is these characteristics that the Berg brand wants to transmit.


Make your day by day life a little easier. This is more than just an ordinary trainer, they have an easy design to help you put on and walk out the door and walk away, it does not have to waste time thinking about tieing strings, because the elastic and the material used in the shoe help this function. Inside, the insole has the function to help in cushioning and letting the foot breathe, and in the case of the sole it allows for greater comfort and even the whole shoe gives you cushioning and comfort like no other. Other than that any one of them is an elegant, feminine and urban shoe.